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Everything you need to know about Sudan

Sudan, largest country in Africa, open out to the Red Sea between Egypt and Eritrea.
The Sudaneses are very welcoming and very nice people. Even though there are political problems in the South of the country for so many years, it is thousands of kilometers, this does not feel at all in Port Sudan, port embarkation for diving cruises.
Many divers  came for more than 20 years without any problem.
So, do not hesitate to board for wonderfull cruises aboard Le Baron Noir.

Tropical continental. There is less wind than in the north of the Red Sea.
Winter is mild, July and August are the hottest months.
Month January February March April May June July August Septembrr October November December
T° Air 25°c 26°c 28°c 30°c 32°c 35°c 40°c 40°c 35°c 30°c 28°c 26°c
T° Water 25°c 26°c 27°c 28°c 29°c 31°c 33°c 33°c 31°c 30°c 28°c 27°c

Market in Port Sudan
Passport must be valid 3 months beyond the return date. The visa can be obtain easier before leaving by Email, only a form to fill and send. Contact us for more informations.
Visa, tourism and airport fees must be paid in euros on the spot. Credit cards are not accepted in Sudan. Ensure you having enough euros in cash for visa, fees and onboard expenses. 

Scheduled flight every Monday via Dubai with Flydubai.      Flydubai.

Last day, before taking off, you can visit Suakin, city built of coral on a peninsula. It was the old port in Sudan avant la création de Port-Soudan au début du siècle.

 Everything you need to know about Djibouti

Djibouti Located in the "Horn of Africa", open out to the Gulf of Aden, junction between the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean.
This location explains the richness and diversity of the wildlife found here.

Desert and warm climat, the temperatures rarely fall below 25° in winter, and rise above 40° in Summer.

Month January February March April May June July August September October November Décember
T° Air 27° 28° 29° 31° 34° 36° 40° 40° 38° 33° 30° 27°
T° Water 25° 25° 26° 28° 29° 30° 30° 30° 29° 28° 27° 26°
Lac Assal Formalities:
Passport has to be valid 6 months beyond the return date, visa at airport when you arrive

Scheduled flights with Air France, Turkish Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines and Qatar Airways.

Small in terms of squares kilometers, Djibouti has specific ground sites that you will discover after the cruise by extending your stay to one or two days:
Assal Lake, salt lake 153 meters below sea level, Ardoukoba, young volcano has arisen in 1978, or primary forest of Day.
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