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Hammerhead Baron Noir Djibouti
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Dive site yet few visited, although there are divers for over 20 years, the Sudanese coast offers you the finest treasures of the Red Sea.
No need to go around the world to meet the most awesome sharks...

Many reefs bording Sudan see the passage of large pelagics and are home to a rich coral wildlife.

Sha'ab Rumi is the place where the sharks are alongside the schooling of barracudas and humphead parrot fishes. Meetings with Hammerhead sharks are frequent as at the foot of the Sanganeb lighthouse.

Rich with the marine life of its reefs, Sudan is also famous for its diving history: Commander Cousteau had chosen to unstall its Houses Under the Sea here, during the experiment of Precontinent II in 1963 and Umbria wreck, Italian cargo ship scuttled in 1940 when Italy started the war, is a wonderfull wreck now. Follow the guide to discover the engines room, shipments of bombs and ammunitions, under curious eyes of Arabica angel fishes.

Unforgettable dives await you from Port Sudan!

Discover them onboard Le Baron Noir.

- Advanced diving license requested..
- 3 dives a day (only 2 the last day). These dives can be day dives or night dives.
- 12 liters aluminium tanks with DIN or INTvalves. 15 liters tanks are available to rent.
- We propose Nitrox diving and a range of services for the divers with rebreather. See our page "Technical Diving".

Cruise itinerary.

1 week cruise:

First day: Arrival at Port Sudan Airport. Transfer and embarkation aboard Le Baron Noir.
2nd to 7th day: Cruise in fullboard.
Diving spots: Wingate reef, Umbria wreck, Sanganeb, Sha'ab Rumi, Pre-continent II and, Sha'ab Suedi or, depending of the forecast, Sha'ab Jimna and Sha'ab Ambar.
8th day: Free morning. It is possible to visit Port Sudan or Suakin.
Early afternoon, transfer to Port Sudan Airport for return flight.

9 days cruises and  2 weeks cruises allow to go further north to Angarosh and Abington, reefs in deep water, and at a given period to Mesharifa, meeting of mantas coming to filter plankton in surface.
From April, we can go to the South, to dive in the Suakins archipelago.

Plongees soudan

Baron Noir
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